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Please suggest themes you'd like to see covered here! Cut and paste the following into a comment:

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Are you prepared to run it? Yes/No
Suggested books, if you have them already:

What does it mean to run the theme?

1. At least one month in advance, you'll let everyone know about the theme and your suggested reading for it. You need to suggest at least 3 works of fiction.
2. On the first of the month, you will post a welcome/introduction/kickoff for the theme.
3. Throughout the month, you'll take an active part in discussion of the theme.

You do not have to be an expert on the theme to run it. You just need to have an interest in it.

Caribbean & New Orleans

Date: 2009-06-02 04:48 pm (UTC)
al_zorra: (Default)
From: [personal profile] al_zorra
I was thinking last night that Haiti, with focus upon the Revolution, would be the best place to start. That could be The Theme.

But I'm wondering if we could do a separate Theme of New Orleans? Much historical fiction has been located there. Very much, and is still being written, including historic period genre mysteries and fantasies.

Theme: New Orleans


One of the Benjamin January novels by Barbara Hambly (post Haitian Revolution, pre-Civil War New Orleans, 1830's & 1840's)
Old Creole Days - George Washington Cable
The Feast of All Saints - Anne Rice (1840's New Orleans; detailed description of novel here. This not a vampire or mummy or Jesus novel -- it's also a television mini series, though it was shot in Canada, and French Canada really does not stand in effectively for New Orleans, particularly if you know both places as well as this view does.)

What do you think?

Love, c.

Love, C.

Re: Caribbean & New Orleans

Date: 2009-06-02 07:18 pm (UTC)
al_zorra: (Default)
From: [personal profile] al_zorra
Yeah that's good.

There are only 3 centuries of New Orleans anyway!

Love, C.


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